About Me

They say that nothing worth doing is easy.  Like every one, I've had my bumps in the road.  But if you ask me, I'll always tell you that I wouldn't change a thing.  Why? Because through my journey, I have honed my skills and proven that my work and service get results in the real world.  So today, you can benefit from my years of experience that came from my trials and tribulations.  I am paying it forward to help others as others have done for me when I was down and questioning my existence.

The why?

I am a social entrepreneur.  Social entrepreneurship is about harnessing commerce for a good cause.  VJR Star is started on the foundation of addressing a social mission.  It is profit-first to donate funds, raise awareness and support causes for women and conservation.  It begins with me.  I am adopting a business model that puts my mission of helping to elevate women and conservation at the center of the business and to be held accountable to my customers and stakeholders  based on the proposed impact.  Walt Disney says he does create movies to make money, but he creates money to make more movies.  I want to create money to continue to be able to offer free training programmes/events and help the conservation community on their work, with aid such as money and food. 

"Let me live my life to the fullest in honour of the people lost in Sep 11." - Jini


It was just a regular morning of getting a cup of coffee before starting work.  I would have never thought I  would not see my fellow colleagues again.  Even to this day I remember the last time we were together, hanging out for drinks after work.  I walked to the door and turned to say good bye to them all.  I always runs these thoughts in my mind, I should have hugged or said more to them before leaving.  September 11 reminds me to show appreciation and love everyday and everytime I meet someone.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.