I am Warrior! Hear me roar ....urgghh

I get scared and unsure all the time.  What makes me open the door is it courage or is it something else?


I am not sure is it luck, timing or fate that injects into my life.  There is always 2 sides of everything.  The Ying and The Yang as the Chinese fengshui says it.  We always want the "Good" luck, "Good" timing and so on but of course, it never happens that way.  Life just wants to give you The Ying and The Yang!!!


I am standing here right now motivating myself, telling myself, reminding myself on all the things that makes me want to move forward in life.  Why I should go on, why I should persevere.  I realise I am actually asking COURAGE to come and get me!


That is what we are doing, we are asking COURAGE to come and help us.  Courage to stand for your rights, Courage to say NO I am not backing down, Courage to say I love you.  Thats what it is Courage! 


People who know about courage, will know it is a precious commodity more precious then all the investing you can do in the stock market.  


I believe Courage is another name for God, Universe, Energy - just put a name to ____ whatever your belief is, if any.


If that means I believe in a Higher Intelligence so be it, because right now I need all the help while I am walking on this tightrope with no safety net.  Some people are lucky to have family and friends as a safety net.  


For others that is a luxury that is not possible in their journey.  So if you are one of those unlucky individuals, understand that you are not alone.  You have me to connect, I have been there and be your support when you need it.




No 1 Warrior in your army is YOU! You the warrior have the armour of courage nothing can penetrate you unless you allow it.  Do not allow anybody to stop you, keep going, take the next step, and the next step.  Do not look back, that takes time and energy.  You will fall! Only look forward, moving your feet with every MIGHT you have in you until you cannot hear the naysayers no more!!!


Climb, keep climbing, rocks may fall around you, do not WORRY you have no time to do that, it will distract you, keep going, keep climbing one step at a time.


And When you climb over the final hurdle the most difficult one of all, the hurdle that makes mere man shiver, fall and give up, you MUST push over and reach the top of that mountain!


Stand strong warrior, you have reached your DESTINY.  Give respect and bow first to the SUN only as a true warrior can.  HUMBLENESS and HUMILITY makes a great warrior.  Thank the sun for the KNOWLEDGE and light on your path so that you can see, wipe the dust of your armour of COURAGE and lift up your sword of DREAMS and scream out loud for everyone to hear....